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Our vascular lab is designed to give you a safe and pleasant
exam.  We use safe non-invasive ultrasound equipment to
detect and diagnose problems with blood vessels
(i.e., arteries, veins and capillaries).  Ultrasound has been
around for many years and can accurately diagnose a vast array of
vascular diseases.  perfusion and pressures within your blood vessels
while at rest and/or with exercise.  There are no needles, dyes,
radiation or anesthesia involved in the diagnostic procedure.  We have
a highly qualified and experienced technologist who will perform your
exam.  The results of your exam will be studied and interpreted by our
physician, Dr. Roxana Kline.  Then during your consultation (next
appointment), Dr. Kline will discuss the results of your tests and
discuss the various treatment options.  

Exams are available at our
Hackensack - New Jersey Location!
Exam Preparation and Post Exam:

There is very little preparation required for an ultrasound exam.  You
simply need to wear comfortable clothing.  We may need you to dress
into a hospital gown depending on your symptoms and the location of the
body requiring the test.  Please arrive early for your exam in order to
complete required paperwork.  Most exams take less than an hour and
afterwards there are no special requirements or restrictions.  You will be
asked to make an appointment during this exam to meet with Dr. Kline to
discuss the results of your tests.

Non-Invasive Tests:
The following tests are available at our Summit Vascular Lab:

Venous Duplex
The Venous Duplex ultrasound is used to evaluate the blood flow from
the legs or arms to the heart.  This exam may be required to assess pain
or swelling in your legs or arms.  It can also be used to detect blood clots
that could migrate to the lungs.

Arterial Duplex
The Arterial Duplex ultrasound is used to evaluate the blood flow from the
main arteries to the legs and arms.  This exam may be required to assess
the cause of pain in the leg muscles while walking.  

Carotid Duplex
The Carotid Duplex ultrasound is used to evaluate the blood flow from the
main arteries in the neck to the brain.  This exam may be required to
determine if you have a blockage in the carotid artery.

Arterial Pressures and Waveforms
The Arterial Pressures ultrasound and Waveforms blood pressure cuffs
are used to evaluate the blood flow from the main arteries that supply the
legs and arms.  This test is used to evaluate the cause of pain in the leg
muscles while walking.  This procedure will identify any areas where there
might be blockage in the arteries.

Abdominal Vascular Duplex
The Abdominal Vascular ultrasound is used to evaluate the blood flow to
and from abdominal organs

Commitment to Excellence:

We are dedicated to help identify the cause of your symptoms.  We are
trained and very experienced at diagnosing and treating various vascular
conditions.  We will help you understand your condition and make an
appropriate choice in treatment options.  After your medical procedure,
we will continue to provide you a comprehensive and complete therapy.

Summit Vascular Lab Hours of Operation:

Our Vascular Lab is open Monday through Friday - by appointment only.

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